Holiday season5 June 2019

Due to holiday season our company is closed in days 8 - 21 of July. Because of that we recommend to check the production possibilities with our staff from export or sales department.

Holiday season20 July 2015

Our company works constantly for the whole holiday season. Nevertheless, due to the vacation of our staff, our production capacity is lower than usual. Because of that we recommend to check the production possibilities with our staff from export or sales department.

We would also like to wish a happy holiday for all of you, who is still before the vacation.

Merry Christmass10 December 2014

Dear clients and suppliers,

We would like to thank you for best support in the year 2014. We hope to keep our good relations going. May the happiness be with you at Christmas and throughout the New Year.

The staff and the board of Lenta – Pasmanteria ltd.

Christmas gift ribbons available3 December 2014

It is told that wrapping might be even more important than the gift itself. Even if we do not recognise so, nice packaging for Christmas gifts is for most of us an inseparable part of Christmas. One might find our ribbons trurly helpfull in gift wrapping.

Feel welcome to check our offer of purpose-made products. We offer high quality ribbons - cut and woven in colours as well as with metallised elements. In our offer we have also different cords as well as tapes and cords strengthened with a wire, that allows to shape any bow easily.

New reflective tape30 September 2013

We are glad to offer a new type of reflective tape. Soft, woven tape based on reps may be easily applied to shoes, bags and backpacks.

Happy Easter!25 March 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The staff and the board of PPU Lenta Pasmanteria wishes happy Easter for all our partners.

Merry Christmas17 December 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would like to thank you for another year of the fruitfull cooperation. Let the Christmas be the unique time for you and your families, Let the new year be full of achievements.

The staff and the board of Lenta – Pasmanteria ltd.

Ready for the championship26 March 2012

The championships forthcoming this year awake people's interest on sports and recreation. The people would also like to manifest their national flag or club colours or have a gadget relating to sports. Due to that we have prepared a new section of our products dedicated to production of sports and recreation accessories, gadgets, flags, gifts and decoration. You will find there different-purpouse tapes in widths ranging from few up to 300 mm. A lot of them we may produce in the national flag colours of different countries.

Feel welcome: Sports, recreation, fans

Reflective about being visible14 March 2012

We would like to present you a newly – designed reflective tape. It is based on the reps tape and thus it might be easily applied as a decoration in shoes, bags or clothes production. The tape might be produced in any colour or in a set of colours staying both decorative and practical. Keep visible, keep safe.

Elastic in supporting your needs10 January 2012

We are pleased to offer you a new type of an orthopaedic monofilament elastic. Both sides of the tape are identical, the product is soft and thick providing the end-user with a high comfort. The elastic is offered in a few withs (55, 85, 150 i 195 mm) what gives an opportunity to prepare the broad range of belts, bands and orthoses, also using a different widths in the same product.

Merry Christmas!15 December 2011

Dear clients, cooperators and partners,

We would like to thank you for our common fruitful work and cooperation in the ending year 2011. May your Christmas fly in health and happiness. Let the forthcoming year be full of joy and achievements.

The staff and the board of Lenta – Pasmanteria ltd.

The end of the traffic works in the neighbourhood5 May 2010

Dear customers. The city of Lodz terminates the water supply system works in our neighbourhood. The Kilińskiego Street, where the entrance to our company is situated is constantly open and driveable. Nevertheless there are still some roads out of use. For more details please see the map below. Please pay your attention to the road signs. Looking forward seeing you.

View Acces to the company headquaters in a larger map
Happy Easter!30 March 2010

Dear clients, suppliers and partners,

We wish you all the best in the Easter time. May your holiday stay unique and undisturbed, may the awaking nature give you an opportunity to relax. We do hope that after that we would come back to common work with even stronger enthusiasm.

The staff and the board of Lenta Pasmanteria Ltd

Merry Christmas!6 December 2009

Dear customers, partners and cooperators,

We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best in the following year. May the Christmas be spent in calm and unique atmosphere, may the New Year overflow with success and unique achievements.

The staff and the board of Lenta Pasmanteria Ltd

A new orthopaedic elastic29 September 2009

Our new elastic is prepared mainly for joints (especially wrists) bandages and protectors production. Thanks to a subtle structure of the fabric it may be used in rehabilitation as well as in recreation and sport devices. The comfort of use is its significant asset. For more details please contact our staff.

orthopaedic elastic with a fluff
For bookbinding – not only the headbands12 September 2009

Narrow fabrics may be applied widely, also in bookbinding. Now we would like to propose not only the headbands but also the tape for sewn-in bookmarks. As the tape is woven it keeps long durability. Produced on demand it may have the colour or the set of colours customised to the design of the book. With us your readers will never miss their favourite quotation.

Lenta - Pasmanteria ltd. during the holidays25 June 2009

Our company keeps on working during the holiday period. We are constantly at your disposal, our working hours have not changed. Feel invited to contact or visit us. And if you are actually going on holiday enjoy the summertime, discover new places, take rest.

Thank you for your visit!30 April 2009

On 22 and 30 of April we have joined the "Textile Worker Days" organised in our city. The citizens had the possibility of visiting our factory. Hour trips let our guests get acquainted with narrow fabric production. We have followed the production process from an idea through all the stages of production to the Sales Departament where our products reach the users. The visitors had the possibility to get to know the basic production techniques as well as the application of narrow fabrics. We would like to thank you for your visit. Feel invited the next year.

New articles for orthopaedics12 March 2009

The assortment of our products for an orthopaedic production is constantly broadening. We are glad to present the new types of orthopaedic elastics. We offer a woven monofilament elastic with loop on both sides. Such solution provides the final product that is more comfortable for the user, as the adhering surface of the elastic guarantees comfort of wearing, regardless the model and the cut of the final product.

We have also begun the production of a new woven homogenous elastic tape. The product is characterised by an unusually soft surface. What is more, thanks to the use of an acrylic fibre the surface of the tape that adhere to the skin have therapeutic, warming properties, similar to wool fibre’s characteristics.

The width of the products is up to 300 mm. All the additional information will be provided by our staff. Please feel free to contact us.

Lanyard tapes for printing27 February 2009

A lanyard is still one of the most popular gimmickry ordered by companies. In order to meet the lanyard producers’ needs Lenta Pasmanteria Ltd. have designed a new tape fitted especially to the transfer printing process.

Thanks to the careful selection of fibre the tape is shiny and perfectly white. Flat weave and smooth surface guarantees high quality of printing and comfort of use of the final product. Such tape may be easily covered by the thermosublimation transfer printing, what gives an unlimited opportunity to create still new and new designs. Now the outlook of the lanyard that bases on our tape depends only on the creativeness of the customer. For additional information do not hesitate to contact our staff.

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